Create your own Soul Board

A Soul Board is all about you. It is the way of giving your soul, your true self, a voice.

Why a Soul Board?

So you've heard of vision boards? This is kind of the same but different....

Sure you can create a board full of the things you wish to bring in to your life, the big house, the car, the partner of your dreams, but if you are not aligned with the things on your board, and coming from a good space, it can be hard to bring them to fruition.

I believe that when we are aligned with our true self and understand the direction and path we are taking, it is then that The Universe gets on board and says "Gotcha! Now I know where we are going, let's do this thing!" And that..... is when the magic can happens....

This course will start with you getting to know a bit more about you, understanding what you are passionate about, what your values are, who you are as a person, that way when we come to the fun bit of cutting and creating you will know exactly what you are wanting to bring in to your life! It may not be what you think!

Are you feeling the need to realign with yourself, your values, get more clarity on your direction? This may be for you.....

What do I know about this?

Hi, I'm Liz, a certified Life Coach.  Some of my favourite moments of the life coaching together is supporting someone to connect back with their true self, what that means, what it can help us with, what it feels like and what it can bring in to our world.  

The reason I came up with the idea of a soul board was because I had not had a lot of success with vision boards and was aware of people that were doing their best to manifest what was on their vision board, but it wasn’t flowing.

Other stories I heard were that after a while people came to realise that what they were hoping to manifest or maybe they had manifested actually wasn’t what they truly wanted or maybe it didn’t bring them the happiness they sought after all.

We can want and wish for items with all our might, but if our headspace isn’t in the right place it is going to be very hard to manifest.  With this course, you can reconnect to yourself and your goals.

"With this exercise you will be creating what is important to YOU! Put some time aside to work through this course and finish up with a beautiful visual reminder of who you are, your essential self..."
- Liz Fry -

A soul board is a lovely reminder or a great starting point of finding out who we are actually meant to be showing up as…

Discover who you want to show up as...

Trust that this is where you are meant to be right now, and this is your time.

Time to get out of your head, stop listening to the thoughts that may be whirling around; stop listening to what you feel society tells you you should be doing, or maybe family or those around you.

This course gives you the opportunity to listen to what your Soul has to say, what it truly desires.

Put away the expectations and needs of others, prioritise your own - the deep desires of how you want to feel, what you want to be, WHO YOU WANT TO SHOW UP AS...

Take the first step of connecting back to your true self, to a life filled with what is important to YOU; a life that feels more aligned, more grounded, more fulfilling, more possible; a life with hope, connection, opportunities and much more....!

Creating your own Soul Board

A great way to give your Soul a voice...

Liz is a great facilitator; listening carefully to each speaker and then quickly picking up and developing a point or issue to guide to action or to appropriate information and support. She connects the dots for those in her groups or sphere of influence. She is held in high regard as a warm, down to earth person with a knack of bringing people together and building relationships with heart.


Liz, thank you for facilitating such a beautiful workshop today. You hold the space so tenderly with such warmth, making it easy to reflect and share. I feel inspired to connect with you. Many, many thanks.



  • Connection with your true self, your soul, you essence
  • Clearer thoughts on WHAT you want and WHO you want to show up as in your life 
  • A tool to use in your everyday to help live an authentic life.

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