The True Self Challenge

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Discover the steps to return to your true self
and start feeling the gold that can bring in to your life.

Big aha's but without the overwhelm and totally FREE!

For five days I will be sharing five small pieces of gold that have provided me with big aha's, pivotal pieces of the puzzle, and have given those that I have worked with some of the same feelings and results.

Reconnecting on a daily basis with your True Self can sometimes feel like hard work, and an absolute challenge, so come and join us take those steps together. 

When we are disconnected from our true self, life can feel rocky. We can lack direction or focus. We can feel stuck or lost.  We can feel we are being pulled pillar to post.  We can feel trapped.

When we are living more aligned, life can start to feel stable once more. We can feel more confident, have better boundaries. We can start saying yes to living more, have more energy, focus, direction, clarity, joy, laughter, flow...

We get to understand what is truly important to our soul, what we need to let go of, what we want to be spending our time, resources and energy on, and we get to uncover the people that we want to have around us more.

This is my'why'

My why is about helping people to connect back to their true self.  I know what it feels like to be disconnected, and I struggled with that for a long time, thinking there was allsorts of things wrong with me.  I would drink a lot, and look for other ways to avoid feeling that feeling of disconnection and not knowing who I was.  The thing was I didn't know that was the issue.

Until I started taking the steps.

I didn't have a roadmap, or a GPS.  It was a case of taking the steps, trial and error, exploring, researching every which way I could to try and get some understanding of what was going on for me.

I have now created that roadmap I needed, and I would love the opportunity to share it with you.

Keen to find the gold that's
inside of you?

Life happens, and for many reasons we can lose ourselves, whether that be through a relationship, work, roles and commitments, a pandemic. This challenge is here to help you find yourself once again!


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Become who you were meant to be

This challenge does involve action, but it meets you where you are at, so you can take the size steps that you are ready for, that you have capacity for.

Best of all - it is for free.

You will be getting the golden bite-size versions of what I coach 1:1, of what I share in The Hummingbird Collective, and as I say, the tools I use for myself.  You will get the map, the steps to take, to return to your true self, the navigational tools to be able to show up as your true self.