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I am Liz, and throughout my coaching journey I have created nugget videos, blog posts and audio recordings that are available on different platforms - youtube, my website, spotify etc. But now they all are collected IN ONE PLACE, for you to easily go through the topics that you need some advice, inspiration or insight on.

The Library is constantly updated with new items and ones from the archives, so if you couldn't find something first time, do get in touch, and we will have a look for you!

I have a top core value of legacy - that is sharing with others what I have learned, understood and how I have navigated the challenges life has presented.  What I have created here is to help you take your own journey with the tools that I would have loved to have had earlier on in mine.


I wasn't in a great place.  For a long time I had felt broken, lost, pulled pillar to post, trying my hardest to fit in, desperate for a sense of belonging; eating, drinking and spending far more time on social media that was healthy.

I had no idea where home was, always on the run, always searching for whatever it was, even if I didn't know what it was at the time. When I finally discovered it, it was the home inside of me. It was the heartspace, the belonging, the safe space that I could create for myself. The foundations, the stability, the grounding that enabled me to understand more about myself, to fully embrace life again, to be free. 

Does it mean it is smooth sailing?  Heck no, but I have tools, ways and means of getting things back on track far quicker than I used to, and I can't wait to share these with you and help you to live the life that maybe has only been a dream up to now...  


I often talk about the life coaching journey being two-fold, understanding who we are not, as well as who we are...  The resources within the library contain both of these areas.

 The Red Zone 

In my coaching I talk about the red zone and the green zone, ie the red zone when we are struggling/stuck/upset, the green when we feel life is moving forward, more fun times, clarity, direction.  Resources in the library include how our red zone is formed, and what we can do to heal it

The Green Zone

It can be tough talking about the red zone, but as mentioned above the life coaching journey is about the green zone too, and it can be super fun, and often a relief for people to explore their green zone, taking those first steps to finding out who they were actually put on the planet to be.


I talk to people that I am coaching about how we ALL have a red zone and a green zone, and that even though I have the tools and the understanding, I still get triggered, the key is how quickly we get back to the green zone after we have been in the red.  This is where understanding more about resilience and how to build it is really powerful.

Core Values

This is a beautiful piece of work that really helps people to identify more of their green zone.  I talk about core values being the backbone of our soul.  By doing this exercise we can get some clues and ideas about who we truly are, and what some steps might be to connect back with our true self.

Self Love

It can be hard to love someone who isn't showing up as their true self, things won't feel aligned, won't flow, maybe will feel outright weird.  The same applies to ourselves.  We need to understand who we are to be able to truly love ourselves, when we do love ourselves more, life can really be very different...

... and other topics like:

building confidence, polishing boundaries, self care, healing wounds, gaining understanding of old habits/coping mechanisms, the importance of tiny steps, the effects our thoughts have on our every day, when affirmations can help, the benefits of a gratitude practice and much more!

What does being a part of this community include?

The Hummingbird Collective holds the tools and models that Liz uses throughout her coaching.  However it is built in a way to meet you where you are at and to be worked through at your pace, whilst absorbing the nourishment of other members of the community.

The Community

Safe space for the Hummingbird Collective community to share, support and heal together through discussions and conversations.


Liz will be hosting Q&A, guest interviews and other events for members to join.


Liz shares examples from her journey and healing moments along the way.


Pop in and say hi, if you have something there and then that you want some help with.


Liz talks through all the tools that she shares regularly with clients. 


Liz shares in the moment thoughts and examples of what she has been coaching.


Liz will give tips and further explanations on a topic.


Liz brings in the 'back catalogue' so you have all the ideas in one place, there may just be a gem in there that you are needing to hear.


Liz and the team are in the wings to help.


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