An alternative for goal setting

An authentic way of creating a life aligned to you...

Goal setting...

There can be a lot of hype out there about goals, especially around the end of the year or beginning of the next.

 For some people it can be hard to get off the start line in terms of creating goals, maybe there is so much to change, might not be sure where to start, or maybe some of the gremlins start piping up again – the not good enough story, don’t deserve XYZ, whatever it might be.

When it comes to goal setting, there is often talk about SMART goals, and again that can work for some people, but not everyone.  In this course I introduce you to an alternative...

In this course you will find steps you can take to help you identify where you want to be heading...

The direction you are heading in currently, does that feel aligned and authentic?  Is it where you want to be heading?

Why I created this course?

Hi, I'm Liz, a Certified Life Coach and if I was to sum up my passion and love for coaching and working with people, it is all about connection.  Connection to ourselves and how this ripples out in to connection with others.

I created this course as an easy way for people to start getting some clues about their true self, their authentic self, where they want to be heading and what the journey can look like.

The feeling when we are living more aligned to our true self, for me does feel like a sense of freedom.  A freedom from all the shapes and ways we try to contort ourselves in to others' dreams/wishes/ideals.

I am super keen for you to feel this sense of freedom, a freedom that is accompanied by a beautiful sense of quiet grounded confidence and belonging, foundations for an authentic life.

"Your life, your choice, your direction.  Where do you want to be heading?"
- Liz Fry -

If not now, when?

Benefits of living a more authentic life include:-

* identifying limiting beliefs that can hold us back
* letting go of patterns and behaviours that are not serving us
* releasing pain and stories that are no longer serving us
* the bullying inner critic starts to pipe down and not shout so loudly
* that critic gets replaced with a comforting, encouraging compassionate voice
* we can start to take our power back
* we can take control of our lives again
* confidence begins to build,
* we are better equipped to dealing with the curveballs that life can bring
* boundaries get put in to place
* we connect to what is important
* core values meaning and purpose become an integral part of our life
* inner peace begins to settle
* we are laughing and smiling more
* our diary can start to get filled with plans, opportunities 

The foundations for all of this, are literally in this course!

Alternative to goal setting

Get ideas and steps to set and achieve your goals.

Liz is simply amazing. She is so warm and deeply genuine so this makes me feel heard and appreciated. Liz gently encourages me to question myself in a safe and rewarding way and I always feel so much better once I have had a session.


"Pretty much we say that you're worth your wight in gold and that you walk the talk not just talk out your arse. :D"

Hayley M.


  • More aligned direction and destination
  • A quiet grounded sense of confidence
  • First steps to finding the belonging within you.

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